Singaporeans love to complain?

When did this “culture” first came about? What was that happened or what was the catalyst that caused this? This was what I was thinking for a while over the weekend.

I was out with 3 other Singaporean friends when we decided to stop by a pastry shop specializing in cheese products. They sell cakes too and had a little backyard which we could eat our cakes right on the spot.
There were 4 of us but we decided to only get 2 cakes because the size was pretty huge.
We were given 2 paper cups on the tray for the free coffee the shop is giving out as a service.

Them (will be referred to T henceforth to represent all 3 or anyone of them)
Me (will be referred to M)

Scene 1:

T: How come there are only 2 cups on the tray?
M: That’s because we only order 2 cakes. Free coffee comes only with the purchase of the cakes.
T:?? ask for more le!
M: (tried to ask again but was politely rejected because the coffee is for people who purchased the cakes) Eh I tried le.. cannot
T: So Stingy!
M: (in a small voice) But it is free coffee in the first place...

Scene 2:
T: How come we got paper cups and not the nice porcelain ones ( points to the table beside)
M: Oh that’s because the shop didn’t have enough cups.
T:uh?? How come? So unfair....
M: Oh well… at least they are not charging the coffee, it is free service you see…

Scene 3:
T1: How should we share the coffee among 3? (Since Karen doesn’t drink coffee it is minus 1)
T2: Let’s just go get refill after this.
M: You can’t get refill, one person is entitled only to one cup.
T: What? Only 1 miserable cup?
M: It’s a service! It provided free!

Scene 4:
T: The coffee is almost tasteless… what you call long-kang coffee ( drain water coffee). Tastes cheap.
M: Well, it’s free and it is a service! With all the complaining they had to get, I think it might just be better to stop this service altogether cause all they get is bashing!

Last Scene
T: Hey you ( points to me), go and distract the shop-keeper and ask her lotsa qns while we hurry go get the refill for the coffee
M: =_=;; ( thinks to myself: Er do we have to stoop to that for the long-kang coffee that comes in a paper cup?)

Actually, it is just funny when I put this down in words… No hard feelings.. Just really amuse by how Singaporeans can complain and complain and then still continue their kiasuness…

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